Sunday, February 8, 2009

Much ado about nothing ……The president’s vacation.

The president is finally back, though from where we are not sure because we don’t know whether he left or where he went etc…..

We are still trying to find out who leaked the story of his leave and started the rumor that he was supposed to go abroad for treatment, maybe it was Bankole or Jonathan.

The senate could not agree whether he went on leave or was on vacation and Soyinka and Achebe refused to help us out to tell us the difference.

We were told that Mr. President did not transmit his absence, we did another long lecture on the meaning of transmit….

We did not know whether Goodluck was acting or vice president.

We could not decide whether he went for another honeymoon after all the love in the air during his daughter’s wedding, went for treatment or really January is the best time to read as told by Adeniyi.

Was he in Dodan barracks, did he reach Obudu at all or was he in Aso rock through out….

The question is, what is the difference?
When he was around nothing was happening, he was an invisible man, when he was supposedly away, we did not feel it, now that he is back, we will still be looking for him cos we cant see him….

Hence the whole fuss about the leave is much ado about nothing.

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