Monday, February 9, 2009

INEC is bankrupt

We have finally confirmed Maurice Iwu’s claim that INEC is short of cash.

EFCC revealed that he is investigating three directors of INEC for a fraud of 100 million. In the good old days when INEC was INEC, in the days of Akanni, Inec Directors do business of hundreds of millions not 3 of them doing a hundred million.

INEC has come out to say none of their staff has been arrested by EFFC. We all know how EFCC works most of the time. They invite you to a meeting, you write statement and they ask you to get somebody to bail you. You have not been arrested yet, you just came for a meeting, but when I go for meetings I don’t write statement and I don’t get anybody to sign for me before I can go home.

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